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 The all new Renault Fart...

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PostSubject: The all new Renault Fart...   Mon May 10, 2010 9:34 am

What a stupid name... for an equally stupid car...

Quote :

The All NEW Wind!

As an innovative, compact (3.83m) and practical coupť-roadster thatís tailor-made for user-friendly service, 365 days a year, Renault Wind brings fresh and original thinking to the convertible landscape.

Securely planted on its 17-inch wheels and with its high-waisted flanks, Renault Windís muscular and sporty silhouette is a powerful invitation to devour those twisty roads with the wind in your hair.

With its integral rollover hoop, rigid roof panel and high waistline, Renault Wind is reassuring and safe, with a level of protection thatís among the very best in the convertible segment.


Highly innovative way of opening up
Renault Wind needs just 12 seconds to open or close its roof, effortlessly. Thatís twice as fast as the norm for its class. Its secret lies in inventive but simple kinematics that use very few moving parts. By cleverly stowing the roof panel below the boot lid, the purity of the exterior design can be maintained and the amount of useful boot space is unchanged, whether the roof is up or down. A boot cover protects the roof from dust and water when in the open position.

With a generous and easily accessible 270 dm3 VDA of boot space (same as Clio) that stays the same whether the top is up or down, Renault Wind allows you to set off on holiday with all your luggage, confident that you can open the roof at will. The boot opens with no more effort than would be needed for a conventional saloon or hatchback, a gas strut providing the necessary assistance.


A choice of two engines
The 1.6 16V: developed by Renault Sport Technologies. This engine produces 133hp (98kW) at 6,750rpm and torque of 160Nm at 4,400rpm. Its telltale, fiery pitch is a result of the special acoustic tuning techniques applied by the engine specialists to the exhaust system. Particular attention was focused on the four-into-one exhaust manifold to achieve the optimum trade-off between acoustic quality, emission control and performance.
TCe 100: this smooth and responsive 100-horsepower 1.2-litre turbocharged engine is exceptionally economical and flexible (152Nm of torque at 3,500rpm). With this powerplant, Renault Wind is just as much in its element in city traffic as it is on a long motorway haul.

Looks just as stupid...

Frankly, that design should have died with the Tigra...

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PostSubject: Re: The all new Renault Fart...   Mon May 10, 2010 9:37 am

yet another new car to add to my ever growing hate list Laughing
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The all new Renault Fart...
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