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 Litchfield Type 25

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PostSubject: Litchfield Type 25   Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:53 pm

Since the launch of the Type−25 in early 2004 its´ success and critical acclaim has been fantastic, but we have not stopped there. Constant development has been going on in the background in collaboration with our technical partners PowerStation, as we look to give a fresh faced Type−25 improved overall performance. The appeal of the Type−25 is how it feels as a complete package so gaining an overall improvement was going to need a more holistic approach with each part coming under scrutiny.

This is the new Type−25...

Having sold a number of versions over the last few years, we have developed a real understanding for what a Type−25 owner wants and expects. With this in mind, we now offer the Type−25 in two distinct versions; standard and Spec C. Both feature the same 415bhp Cosworth engine and acclaimed chassis but have different emphasis.
The Type−25


The Standard road version of the Type−25 is based on the new Japanese A−Line STI, a subtble and luxurious version of the standard STI. This car features:

* Silver STI alloy wheels
* Black leather and alcantra interior
* Black Brembo brake calipers
* Aluminum heater controls
* Increased sound proofing
* Low rear boot spoiler

The original Type−25 was delivered to customers with the smaller WRX spoiler and alloy wheels so this new version should suit most new owners.
The Type−25 Spec C


The Spec C version is designed for the customer that wants the ultimate point to point weapon. The Spec C features:

* 12 Litre Intercooler water spray bottle
* Lightweight panels and roof with vent ~ 70kg lighter
* Seam−welded front strut towers
* Engine oil cooler
* Transmission cooler
* Anti-surge fuel pump
* Rear strut brace

This motorsport derived version gives outstanding performance both on the road and track.

Although either version can be customised to the owner´s content, we feel it gives two distinct starting points for Type−25 ownership.

Many of our Type−25 customers owned a number of other sports cars and were looking for something equally as exciting but with everyday practicality. The new Type−25 fits the bill perfectly. A mild mannered family saloon when needed but with a ferocious turn of pace that will leave all but the most exotic supercars standing. In fact in recent tests the Type−25 has proven quicker around the track than the very best mainstream German and Italian supercars.

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Litchfield Type 25
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